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Project Description
MeshSharp is a Navigational Mesh pathfinding library for the .NET framework (WPF, XNA, Silverlight, etc) written in C#. This will use a combination of algorithms; A* (Astar), string pulling or funneling. Path-find computation is done on the mesh itself which gives us fast processing time with low memory usage.

Current Support

  1. 2D maps only.
  2. Rough Non-Heuristic Path-find.
  3. .Net 4.

NOTE: This project is currently in the development phase.

What are Navigational Meshes?

This is similar to an expanded node-based or way-point path finding algorithm. It uses polygons to create a mesh on the map which acts as a bound for the AI character. This allows for realistic AI controlled movement on a terrain as the character is not bounded to lines. More information can be found here;

How does this library work?

  1. Manually create a mesh in which you want your character/robot to walk and stay within bounds. Pass this mesh into MeshSharp upon Initialization.
  2. MeshSharp will generate some information on paths that can be taken. This information will remain in memory until the object goes out of scope.
  3. Provide the PathFinding method with a start and end vector and it will return the best path as a list of vectors for you to traverse.
  4. Options available such as padding and choosing your Heuristic method for the A* algorithm.

Straight line first.

Check if destination can be reached in a straight line first.

After a rough Path-find algorithm.

After executing a path find without string pulling or heuristics.


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